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Rudolf Koivu


Today's fairy tale illustrator is Finnish artist Rudolf Koivu (1890-1946). I could not find much information about him that wasn't in Finnish, but I love his illustrations so I wanted to share. In Finland he is a beloved artist, and there is an award named after him that is regularly given out to Finnish illustrators of children's books.

All images by Rudolf Koivu

Fairy Tale Illustrator: Arthur Rackham

This week I want to share one of the most prolific and popular English illustrators of the "Golden Age" of illustration: Arthur Rackham. His ink and pen illustrations were widely published in ornate gift edition volumes of stories that were popular at the time (early 20th century). I love his dramatic use of pen and [...]

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Fairy Tale Illustrator: Yuri Vasnetsov

Today's illustrator is a highly respected Soviet/Russian artist named Yuri Vasnetsov. He lived from 1900-1973. He is most well known for his illustrated children's books of Russian folk tales and fairy tales. I feel like his style is still so relevant today. I see a lot of art out there that looks as though it [...]

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Fairy Tale Illustrator: John Bauer

Instead of sharing a fairy tale and lots of different illustrators, today I am sharing one artist who illustrated lots of different fairy tales: John Bauer.John Bauer was a Swedish illustrator best known for depicting Swedish mythology. His paintings -mostly watercolor- have a dark, ethereal quality. His most popular illustrations are for a book called [...]

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Maid Maleen

Maid Maleen is a lesser-known story from the Grimm brothers. It is so good! One of my favorites. You can read it here: Maid MaleenIllustration by Arthur RackhamIllustration by Paul Heyllustration by R. LeinweberIllustration by Paul Hey

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Beauty and the Beast

The most commonly retold version of Beauty and the Beast is the French fairy tale written by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont in 1756. However, the story of a beautiful maiden married to/imprisoned by a beast is retold in many, many different stories. You can read some of them  here. Click here to read the popular French story.To me, [...]

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The Six Swans

I love this story. The Six Swans is a Grimm fairy tale about a princess whose six brothers are turned into swans by their wicked stepmother. In order to break the spell, the princess must not speak or laugh for six years, and must sew six shirts out of asters (stinging nettles, ouch!). This story [...]

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Tam Lin

I always love to find fairy tales about strong female characters. Tam Lin is one of these. It's an old Scottish ballad that is full of all kinds of fascinating details to ponder. But the gist of the story is that Janet, a maiden, meets a fairy man, Tam Lin, in the woods and gets [...]

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Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood has so many variations. The two most popular are Charles Perrault's version and the Grimm brothers' version. You can read them both, and several more gruesome versions, at this link.This is the classic story about "stranger danger." The Perrault version even spells out the moral of the story at the end, just [...]

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The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Today's fairy tale is "The Twelve Dancing Princesses," recorded by the Grimm brothers. There are also many other versions of this story, from many different cultures. You can read the Grimm version here.The story is that twelve beautiful princesses all sleep in a large room together. Despite their bedroom door being locked, every morning their dancing [...]

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